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Fine Tune Your Engine

 By Pastor David Neuen


Over the last few months, I’ve discovered that my car is leaking oil. I’m not surprised. In its old age, my 2001 Toyota Corolla is not the dazzling and healthy model it once was. Sure, a puddle of grease on the garage floor is a mess. But more importantly, I’m concerned about losing the lifeblood of the car. I know I must nurse my Corolla in care to keep the engine running smoothly.

Consider the engine that is empowering your life and work. What enables you to live in competence, confidence, and care? What is your source of strength, wisdom, and direction?

Alan Fadling in An Unhurried Leader asks “What do you need to do good work today? Creativity? Strategic insight? A uniting and compelling vision? A shared team spirit enabling well-coordinated efforts? A restored spirit in the midst of hard season in work? And where will we find these? Will we look at the latest book, a consultant or coach, team brainstorming or something else? What if we looked to God to see where he might lead us?”

I firmly believe that the best engine for our good work is in reliance on God whom we know to be faithful, powerful, and victorious. Remembering and returning to a clear vision of God’s identity, revealed in Scripture and experienced in everyday-life, will bring the necessary perspective and tools we need to work well. A reliance on God does make us more creative, strategic, unified, and inspired. And, a trust in God develops our character so that fears and obstacles are met with less anxiety and uncertainty. I encourage you to see life with dependence on God’s triumph in mind.

It is true that I often allow my life to run off unholy engines such as impressing others, appearing self-sufficient, and avoiding failure. And it is also true that sometimes these motivators help me accomplish my tasks. But a sustained life of purpose that makes a difference for the kingdom of God comes only by a commitment to serve God and trust in God as our strength. His unfailing love in us and our reliance on him will prove more sustaining than fear, anxiety, anger, or perfectionism ever will. It’s time to fine tune our engine!

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